Sunday, April 16, 2006

That's me with the hockey stick!

Found it!

Welcome to my grad school apartment, circ 1993. That is me with the hockey stick, Anthon-Z playing sega, Coney shooting hoops, Johnni C (the artist of this picture) and Stacy at the table drawing, with special guest appearances by Ax and Dale.

I must admit, Johnie was one of the most talented artists that I ever met. He could draw just like Shiro, imho. Too bad he was never able to break into comics. I think his manga like style was way ahead of the curve. It would be another year before Joe Mads broke that style wide open and became the regular artist of the X-men. But for me, Johnie C was the originator.

Man, I still wish I had some of the pages that he penciled and I inked. And Anthon-Z's pages for that matter. I will post the splash page that Anthon-Z penciled and I inked and colored very soon. It is the best comic book related work that I have ever done. No question.

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